The Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace is rife with half-baked ideas and poor production values. Its existence as a place for amateur programmers to showcase their talents and test new ideas is admirable, but rarely does it translate into an actual, solid game. I’m more than willing to pay a couple bucks for an interesting concept, but REVOLVER360 is one of the few times on the Indie Games Marketplace I felt like I paid a couple bucks for an actual game.

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Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly Director’s Cut

crimson butterflies(I suppose I could start calling these post-mortems of mine “reviews,” as that’s what they’ve been shaping up to be lately. I’m not sure if I like calling them that, as they don’t match the usual description…but “reviews” what they usually end up as. So!)

I finished Fatal Frame II over the weekend, after several weeks of pretty steady play. It’s the first game from the ‘serious’ side of the horror genre that I’ve actually completed, and aside from some irritatingly obvious padding near the end (yay, multiple-fetch quests), I enjoyed it on the whole.

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